‘Mystery of the disappearing water pressure’

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Q: I live in a second-story flat. Sometimes when I turn on a water spigot halfway after a brief period of nonuse, the flow of water stops after a second or two. Water flows again when I open the spigot farther. When I close the spigot and turn it back on, everything's OK, until the spigot remains closed for several hours. Is this just a minor annoyance with which I must learn to deal? Or is this a sign of future problems? A: The mystery of the disappearing water pressure. A Perry Mason moment. Very strange. If you had this problem with just one faucet, we'd suggest that you probably have a defective washer. Or if it is a newer faucet, you might have a piece of grit that is restricting the flow. But when this happens with every faucet in your flat, it is indeed unusual. We don't think you necessarily have a major problem, although if you have old galvanized water pipes, they are probably corroded and are on the downhill side of their useful life. Copper water lines have been the m...