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Advice for the Rookie Realtor

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Re: 'Rookie Realtor bummed by 'buyers' remorse' (June 15) Dear Rookie: Why isn't the Rookie Realtor working with folks who know him and like (trust) him already? Cold calling isn't for the Rookie. Referrals–that's what the business is all about. If folks don't refer him there is a reason. Usually, I think it is because of self-confidence. The Rookie isn't coming across with confidence. What can he do for the people? Does he wear a sign on his forehead that says "Trust me"? He needs to work with his sphere first. John Dear Rookie: My advice...hang in there. Research new ways of doing business Talk to seasoned agents Work with another agent while you are building your business Look into new-home sales Consistently "farm" a neighborhood Develop a Web site (There are free ones out there) This is a tough business. You will lose a few and you will learn. It does get frustrating. It is very hard to make it in this business working part time but...