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Homeowners wage war on real estate dictatorship

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(This is Part 1 of a two-part series. See Part 2: Real estate dictatorships threaten 'American Dream.') "In the whole U.S., I would say in the whole world, there has not been another intruding, dictatorial act perpetrated on the owners of free residences as here. And...for 50 years, a dictatorship that has lasted longer than any political dictatorship in the world, including in Cuba." –Mrs. U. Deutsch When I receive e-missives like the one above, in which people claim to have a Surreal Estate tale the likes of which I've "never heard before" and that will "no doubt amaze ," I prepare myself to be underwhelmed. But after sitting with U. Deutsch in her proper Daly City, Calif., home and reading her point-by-point history of the rise and fall of the Westlake Subdivision Improvement Association (WSIA), the nonprofit homeowners' group for a massive development in San Francisco's neighboring Daly City, her hyperbolic turns of phrase no longer seem excessive. Complete with California ...