Why isn’t my house getting multiple offers?

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Sellers in hot real estate markets naturally wonder what's wrong when they don't receive multiple offers. Even in brisk real estate markets, not all homes receive equal attention. Still, most sellers would rather have their homes be the coveted ones. Whether you will receive multiple offers depends on several things. One is the nature of the local real estate market. If there are more buyers than sellers, you tend to see more multiple offers. But this doesn't mean that every house will sell this way. Even in a seller's market, some price ranges will be more active than others. For instance, you have a better chance of receiving multiple offers if you're selling an entry-level home than you will if you're selling an upper-tier property. There are usually fewer buyers for such properties. The condition and location of your property will have a big effect on the market response. Generally, the listings that are in the best condition attract the most attention. Listings in prime locatio...