Bi-fold door lets gas appliances breathe

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Q: To save space and to avoid the problem of the door constantly falling closed (due to the house settling over the past 50 years), I would like to replace the standard interior door between my kitchen and laundry room with a bi-fold louvered door. Because the laundry room also houses the furnace and water heater (both gas), I'm wondering if this poses a fire hazard or otherwise violates some safety code? A: We think replacing your solid door with a louvered bi-fold is a good solution. The louvered door will ensure that the water heater and the heater get sufficient ventilation and combustion air to operate properly. In addition, the bi-fold door will provide you with a more efficient use of space in what we presume to be a cramped kitchen. Based on your description and what we've seen in older homes in the East Bay near San Francisco, we don't think that changing door styles will create a fire hazard. But we do wonder whether, because your house has settled – we like to th...