Reader tips rescue window retrofit

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Several weeks ago, we answered a question from a man who wanted to know if he could retrofit double-paned window sashes in the window openings of his older home. Our response was, "Certainly." We then gave him suggestions about how he might accomplish this project. However, we neglected to take into account the increased weight of the window created by the double-paned glazing. Two readers caught our oversight and another reader related her experience with double-glazed windows. Richard Lowry, a consulting architect from San Francisco, wrote with a solution to the problem created by the increased weight of the new windows. "If the window sash is reglazed with insulating glazing, the completed sash may double in weight. Then the old sash weights will not be heavy enough to counterbalance the sash. That is a big bother. I know. I did it. "However, my buddies at Ocean Glass and Sash on 17th sold me some heavier sash weights and now the windows work perfectly." Dave Evanchak pro...