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Packing up and leaving home

Disaster forces home abandonment and fear

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Beverly Peck, whose mom has been asked to evacuate her home in Bokeelia, Fla., said that Hurricane Charley "was overwhelming" for her mother, and (Hurricane) Frances is a shock to her system as well. "My mom was in a daze for four days after (Charley) and now is in denial about having to leave her home. It needs major repairs. She has known for a week and a half that she has to move but all she can do is cry. Now with Frances bearing down she still does not want to leave her home," Peck said. She added, "She says that packing all her personal belongings is like saying goodbye to them because she feels that she will never unpack them again. She is in her 60s and just doesn't want to leave her home she has been in for 35 years. Peck said that evacuating a home is a very trying experience. "You grab things that you know cannot be replaced but you are so torn about which of those things are the most important. You can only grab so much when it is coming quickly. The first thoughts are fo...