Portable home cooling

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As the days warm up, you may be looking for some effective ways of cooling you and your house back down. So if central air conditioning is too expensive, and soaking your socks in water and tossing them in the freezer is a little to messy, it may be time to consider one of the many affordable and practical portable air conditioners now on the market. Portable air conditioners actually take two basic forms – air coolers, and actual air conditioners. Each have some advantages and disadvantages, and it pays to consider both carefully before heading out on a shopping spree. Air Coolers: Also called evaporative coolers and swamp coolers, air coolers are very simple, and have only three basic parts: a reservoir for storing water; a wick made from a moisture-absorbent material, and a fan. The wick hangs down into the reservoir, and water is absorbed up into the material. The fan then blows a stream of air over the moisture-laden wick, evaporating moisture and blowing the cooled air ou...