How can I rid marble of surface stains?

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Q: We have remodeled our three bathrooms with marble walls, counters and floors. All the marble surfaces were sealed by our contractor. We are aware that marble is porous, so we have been careful to wipe off any liquid that drops on the surface. However, we are seeing small stains on the marble that can only have come from spilled liquids. We are unable to remove these stains no matter how hard we rub. What are we doing wrong? A: Our interest and experience lies mainly in building and repairing, not cleaning and maintaining. So, for your question, we turned to the Web. The Michigan State University Extension has a wonderful site that is chock full of helpful information. Check out The page with specific information on marble stain removal is located at Here are some highlights that should help you: Make a poultice from white absorbent material such as a napkin, blotter, paper towel or facial tissue, dampened with...