Snag dream home while surfing Hawaii

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Vacations are supposed to be a time to relax and recharge, not a period of anxiety and wondering what could have been. Most everybody knows to make arrangements for the mail, newspaper and family pet before taking time away. However, what should you do if you've had your eye on a terrific home in the neighborhood that suddenly hits the market when you are on vacation? Recently, a widow, Margie McGovern, decided to sell her home and move across the country to be closer to her son, a section editor for a south Florida newspaper. The place had been extremely well kept for years and the flower and vegetable gardens were the envy of the block. The house was the perfect "last time" home for a couple, moving down from a larger, traditional family home after the children had moved away. "We had talked with the owner one day after church, just in casual conversation," said Howard Long, a fireman who painted homes, including Margie's home, during his time away from the station. "I guess I tho...