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Home is temporary for hurricane evacuees

Disaster relief agencies, private companies work to provide shelter

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For residents displaced by the wave of hurricanes in the Southeast, home is the place where they are staying tonight. Home might have been somewhere else the night before, and it could be a different place tomorrow. Those residents who have no other place to go have turned to short-term shelters and other temporary housing until they can get back on their feet. In past natural disasters, it has taken years for some displaced residents to move on from this temporary housing. The triple blow of hurricanes Charley, Frances and Ivan within the past month has taxed the resources of federal and volunteer relief efforts, and the population of displaced residents has swelled with the arrival of each massive storm. "This is the largest sheltering and feeding operation in American Red Cross History," said Kelly Donaghy, a spokeswoman for the American Red Cross. "That's over a 120-year history – it is a massive effort for us." About 17,000 Red Cross volunteers have participated so far in t...