Home seller credit could save real estate deal

Roof replacement threatens to collapse buyers' finances

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No one likes to give money away, but a monetary credit from the seller to the buyer can solve a problem that might otherwise derail a home-sale transaction. Here's a typical scenario where a seller credit could save the deal. The buyers are stretching to buy their dream home. Tapped out financially, they panic when they discover during their home inspection that the roof needs replacing. The inspector impresses upon the buyers that the roof must be replaced immediately; it can't wait. But the buyers don't have enough extra cash to cover the cost of a new roof. One option for the buyers is to back out of the deal, and find another less expensive house, or a house with a roof that's in better condition. But this puts the buyers back in the market searching for a new house. And the sellers have no recourse but to put their house back on the market, and search for another buyer. Another option is for the buyers to ask the sellers to credit them enough money to take care of replacing the...