New home appliance cools, cooks food

Range technology offers convenience

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Have a busy and hectic lifestyle? Ever wish there was some way to magically take dinner out of the refrigerator, put it in the oven and have it piping hot as you walk through the door in the evening? Perhaps not surprisingly, given the state of today's technology, Whirlpool has turned that wish into a reality with their new Polara Refrigerated Range. You heard correctly, and in this case it's not an oxymoron. The Polara actually will refrigerate and then cook your food, all in the same appliance. At first glance, the Polara looks like any conventional range. It's 30 inches wide and 36 inches high at the cooktop, so it's designed and engineered to fit into a standard range opening in any kitchen. There are four smooth-top burners, a window-door, and digital controls, and it's available in four standard colors – white, biscuit and black, as well as stainless steel. Now the differences: With the Polara, you can place your uncooked food into the range in the morning, before you h...