Freethinkers advance architectural frontier

Part 2: Green building, geodesic dome make history

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(This is Part 2 of a three-part series. See Part 1: Outsiders change the face of architecture and Part 3: Architecture schools push testing, not practice.) Last time, we looked at the careers of Frank Lloyd Wright, Addison Mizner and Cliff May, all renowned architects who were never formally trained or licensed. Today we'll touch on a few more architects who made an undeniable contribution to the profession, despite their lack of formal credentials. Carr Jones, a designer-builder who practiced in the San Francisco Bay Area for almost half a century beginning in the late teens, was a pioneer in green architecture if ever there was one. Jones fashioned lyrically beautiful homes out of used brick, salvaged timber, and castoff pieces of tile, slate and iron, often wrapping his dramatically vaulted rooms around a landscaped central court. Perhaps because he was trained as a mechanical engineer and never traveled abroad, Jones was all but innocent of architectural pretension. Instead, ...