Home repair projects with the most value

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It's hard to convince some sellers that it's worthwhile to put money into a home they want to sell. Many sellers would rather put money into a new house. However, if you can increase your profit on the house you sell, you'll have more to invest elsewhere. The trick is to make sure that you invest in cost effective improvements. It usually doesn't make sense to invest in expensive capital improvements when you sell. For instance, replacing all the windows in your home, or extensively remodeling the kitchen usually won't pay off. In fact, in most cases you won't recoup all of the money you invest. However, if you add a deck to a California home that otherwise has no outdoor living, you'll probably get back more than you invested. The main reason to make improvements before you sell is to overcome buyer's objections. So, in an area, like California, where houses with good outdoor living sell for a premium, adding a deck, or creating a yard out of an unappealing overgrown patch of dirt is...