Small details improve home’s functionality

Are your light switches, downspouts in the best location?

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There are enough headaches in planning a home or addition without fretting over where the towel bars go, right? Unfortunately, leaving such seemingly trivial details to the last minute can often sabotage all your other good efforts. Certain classes of items are commonly ignored or overlooked during the design process, not only by do-it-yourselfers, but by architects as well. Typically, they're accessories that seem so minor they don't command serious attention until it's too late. In laying out a bathroom, for example, few people will take the time to decide exactly where the towel bars and toilet paper holder will go–usually because they're too busy thrilling to the prospect of that new designer lavatory or sunken tub. Yet the day-to-day convenience of a bathroom hinges more on those two humble accessories than on any fashionable plumbing fixture. How often have you used a bathroom where the toilet paper roll was on the wall directly behind you, requiring Houdiniesque contort...