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Real estate policy changes spark controversy

Part 2: Traditional vs. new business models

Editor's note: This is the second part of two stories examining the regulatory crossroads of traditional and new real estate business models. The first story looks at what state agencies are doing to implement minimum real estate service requirements that can impact new business models, and the second story focuses on local policy changes taking place. (See Part 1: Debate rages over minimum-service standards in real estate.) Donald "Donnie" Plunkett Jr., president of Congress Realty, said he was surprised to learn that he would have to pay double to continue to participate in the Kingman/Golden Valley Multiple Listing Service in Arizona because he was not a member of the association that owned the MLS. He tried to join the association and then was informed that he needed to have a physical office in the area of the association to be an association member. "I'm getting fewer services than association members and yet paying double for it," said Plunkett, whose company is a flat-fee lis...