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So, you are reluctant to cold-call because of the no-call lists. How about trying this instead? Mail out a postcard explaining how people can get their names on the list. And then make one of those ways a visit to your Web site, which has a link to the Do Not Call registry. Last month, we brought up the topic of prospecting in a no-call world, covering some in-person, relationship-based prospecting methods. This month, we're expanding on the subject via interviews with agents. Promote the Do Not Call list Judy Markowitz of RE/MAX Millennium in Flushing, N.Y., turned the whole problem on its head by using her marketing systems to help people get on the no-call list. Markowitz created a postcard showing her team in front of their signature Volkswagen Bug. The front copy reads, "The Energized Realtor sells a lot of homes, but we won't BUG you!" On the back, the copy explains the Do Not Call registry and how to sign up. The card also runs on her Web site with a hot-link to the national r...