Did contractor rip off homeowner?

Final bill more than double estimate; work crew leaves damage

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Q: I had a contractor give me a quote of $2,850 to remove an old oil tank. When they were done, they had ruined my back yard, and their bill was more than $11,000. I feel victimized, but don't know where to turn. Thanks. -Roger A., via e-mail. A: Without knowing the specifics of your agreement with the contractor, it's difficult to imagine how they went from $2,800 to $11,000. However, generically here are my suggestions: If you are disputing your bill, you should pay only those parts of it that you're certain are legitimate, and ask the contractor for a full accounting of all charges. Do not pay for anything you are not certain that you owe. If the charges are incorrect and the contractor cannot or will not provide you with a breakdown, contact the Construction Contractor's board and file a complaint. They will assist you with arbitration and negotiating some type of resolution. The same holds true if you feel the charges are valid but the contractor damaged your property and won't...