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Real estate a hot property for television networks

ABC, NBC planning series about real estate agents

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Real estate is going Hollywood. ABC has "Hot Properties," a show about four women working in a Manhattan real estate office. And NBC is reportedly working on a show called "Hot Property" about the lives of three real estate agents in Houston. Both shows are comedies with similar titles that are focused on characters working in the same industry, but one is reportedly about a cutthroat while the other is about non-cutthroats. has said that "Hot Property" will focus on a "Southern belle whose cutthroat antics as a real estate agent mask the soft spot she has for her staff." ABC, meanwhile, announced that the characters in its "Hot Properties" series "have taken the cutthroat out of their real estate business by working as a team with the mantra, 'What would Oprah do?'" Has the real estate office become the next "general hospital" of television entertainment? And what's so funny about the real estate business? Stay tuned. Real estate agents have already become a...