Best ways to rid real estate of puddles

Learn how to install drain, level walkway

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Q: Our home was built in 1927 on a flat lot. We bought the property in 1960 and had flooding in the garage in the winter because of the slope of the patio toward the back door of the garage. Several years ago we had an aluminum box installed at the door opening inside the garage with a pipe set at an angle to carry the water away from the garage. This eliminated the flooding in the garage, but we still have a puddle in front of the door when it rains. How can we eliminate this problem? A: We have a couple of ideas for getting rid of the puddle. You could install a floor drain from the low point of the concrete to channel water into the aluminum box installed inside your garage. The other option is to level the low spot in the walkway with vinyl concrete leveling compound, which will eliminate the dip where water collects. Neither solution is pricey, but installing a new pipe is more work than leveling out the dip in the walkway. Leveling the dip will get rid of the puddle. B...