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Real estate Web sites to get school test score data

OnBoard LLC offers unique school performance numbers

OnBoard LLC, a national provider of online real estate data and information tools for real estate brokerages, is expanding its school information offering to include school test performance data mandated by federal "No Child Left Behind" legislation, the company announced today. The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 seeks to improve education by holding schools accountable for the academic performance of their students. Each state is required to determine how to measure school and school district progress in a variety of academic areas. The goal is that, by 2014, all children should achieve at their state's proficiency level in reading, language arts, math and science – as demonstrated by yearly test scores. Each state also must publish an annual scorecard on all school districts and schools. "The school test score data intended to help educators improve academic performance in every school and school district across the nation is the same information that real estate agents a...