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Housing imbalance destroys families

Perspective: Local governments, NIMBYs don't 'get it'

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This is the second in a two-part series intended to provide ammunition for building executives to promote their cause in local governments around the country. (Click here to read Part 1.) Many local officials "get it," but many officials (and certainly the vocal NIMBYs) do not. Accepting Reality Let's face it. None of us wants to see more traffic or overcrowded schools in our neighborhood. We all love open space. However, I cannot think of an area in the country where people are not allowed to have children, or where fences are erected so people from other areas cannot move into the area. The reality is this: We need to accept the fact that our population is growing, and we need to accept that it is going to occur in our neighborhoods, whether we plan for it or not. If we don't, the growth will come anyway and we won't be prepared to handle it. An analogy might be retirement. I don't like the fact that I'm going to get older, but I plan for it. Every year, I put the maximum in my 40...