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New Web service targets Latino home buyers launches as local market home guide

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A Houston group has launched a new Web site to provide more Latinos with home-buying information at The local online home-buying guide is presented in Spanish and English. The site creators say it was launched to help dispel many of the myths that keep Latino families from owning homes. "Owning your own home is a universal dream, but Latinos in Houston are behind other groups in making this dream a reality," said Anita Sparks-Bohn, a principal founder of the Web site. "The number one reason is lack of information, and we created to help Latinos take advantage of many programs available to help them." Some of the myths Sparks-Bohn noted that discourage Latinos from considering a home purchase include: The need for a lot of cash to cover down payment and closing costs; Establishing traditional credit that must be perfect or nearly perfect; That buyers must be U.S. citizens to purchase a home; Prospective buyers can't qualify for a loan ...