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The last gasp of a dying model

Guest perspective: Pay-to-view listings service will send consumers elsewhere

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The brokers of Hampton Roads, Va., who stand in defiance of a pay-to-view real estate listing feed, deserve a standing ovation. Their defiance sends a strong message that they aren't buying the dope some folks are peddling. Charging consumers to view home listings will not spur early contact between the consumer and real estate agent. Instead, the Hampton Road brokers believe it will repel consumers in outrage. This position speaks volumes about the crossroads at which traditional real estate finds itself. As a consumer, I agree. They have it right this time. Except for the "outrage" part. Outrage is the last thing consumers feel. These days, action is the emotional verb that comes to mind. Resourceful as we are, if we're repelled by something, we either seek alternatives or we invent new ones. Considering the alternatives in real estate currently tapping into a disenfranchised consumer, this one's a no-brainer. The alternatives are out there building rapport with us. They're str...