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‘Apprentice’ show attracts more real estate blood

Four of new season contestants sport realty careers

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As NBC and "Trumpies" gear up for yet another season of real estate billionaire Donald Trump's reality TV show "The Apprentice," the roster of season four contestants includes a handful with real estate backgrounds. NBC last week released the names of this season's cast, hand-picked for the first time by co-executive producer Trump himself. "I'm thrilled with the results," Trump said in a statement. "This is the best reality show cast I've ever encountered. They have it all: beauty, brains and big bucks." And of course, real estate experience. Four of the 18 cast members picked for season four are real estate professionals: there is one Realtor, one real estate developer, a designated broker and the founder of a company offering title and inspection services, mortgage lending, and lease-option housing. The real estate pros will stand alongside a Rhodes Scholar, NFL player, financial journalist and inventor, to name a few. Contestants range in age from 22 to 41, and several of Tr...