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Real estate flippers: Smarter than the average seller

Flipping profits exceed overall market performance

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Property flippers are savvier than the average seller, earning greater profits on their short-term investments compared to the overall market performance, according to a study of three booming real estate markets. The First American Real Estate Solutions study, "Real Estate Flipping: Gold Mine, Mistake, or Fraud?" examines flipping activity from 1999 to June 2005 in three hot real estate markets – Orange County, Calif.; Clark County, Nev.; and Miami-Dade County, Fla. The study found that flippers earned their highest rate of return for reselling properties within three to six months, and their profits typically exceeded overall market performance during the study period. The report defines flipping as the "purchase of a home for quick resale, to make a substantial profit in a short time." Christopher L. Cagan, director of research and analytics for First American Real Estate Solutions, said that while flippers seemed to do quite well in these markets during the study period...