Cure found for urine-stained floors

Linoleum or vinyl may be the answer

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Q: We are looking at replacing the floor covering in our family room. The room is in the lowest part of the house and chilly in the winter so we want to use a material that does not make it seem even colder. The room is 12 feet by 15 feet. We currently have carpeting and a pad over hardwood tiles, on a concrete slab. We also have a problem with a cat that urinates -- the carpet and pad stink. Giving the cat away is not an option, so our choices must reflect his behavior. When we remove the old carpet and pad, must we do some sort of special cleaning of the hardwood tiles to remove or seal in odor? Also, I would like to use an environmentally friendly floor covering -- without toxic fumes as much as possible -- because we spend so much time in the room and because our main air intake for our furnace is in this room. And, we must plan for future cat urine. My husband wants carpet -- and heard about a plastic pad that can be put underneath to help control moisture and odor. I wan...