Finding a fix for squeaky floors

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Q: About a year ago I purchased a condominium that is about 20 years old. I live on the ground floor of the three-story building. When the tenant above me walks around, the floors creak loudly, especially in the bedroom. The homeowners' association came over to assess the situation and agreed that they hear the creaking. They told me that there is about a foot of dead space between floors and that it is insulated. The association told me there is really nothing they can do. I'm wondering if you know of any way I can deal with this situation, and whose responsibility or shared responsibility it would be? A: We believe the source of the creaky floors above your head is loose nails. It's likely the subfloor installed in the condo above you 20 years ago was plywood. Sheets of plywood are nailed to the floor-framing members, called joists. To guard against squeaky floors, the best builders use construction adhesive along with nails. This special glue is applied to the joist before the...