Tips for sprucing up home’s driveway

Don't settle for boring gray concrete

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As you approach the comfort of your home, think of the driveway as one big welcome mat. An attractive driveway can do a lot for your home's appearance and curb appeal, so if it's time to be thinking of a new set of welcoming arms for your house, you've got some options to consider. CONCRETE Concrete has long been the favorite choice for a driveway. Concrete is sturdy and long lasting, relatively inexpensive compared to some of the other options, and simple to install. It's a little on the bland side, however, so if you're looking to dress up the approach to your home, you might want to think about some of concrete's many optional faces. For one, concrete can be colored to get away from the standard gray of its natural tone. There are powdered dyes that can be added to the concrete while it's still wet, producing a consistent color that extends through the entire mix. There are also a number of liquid and dry powder stains that can be applied to the concrete after it's placed, and so...