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California Realtors sue antitrust lawyer

Trade group alleges attorney engaged in 'malicious prosecution'

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The California Association of Realtors has filed a lawsuit against two real estate professionals and a lawyer who were involved in previous litigation that involved the state trade group. The California association charges that the trio violated state malicious prosecution law, which prevents people from re-filing the same complaint against the same parties. But David Barry, the lawyer who is named in the complaint, said today that the earlier litigation was warranted, and he disputes the "malicious prosecution" claim. June Barlow, vice president and general counsel for the association, said, "While lawyers are required to vigorously represent their clients, they also are required to have some legal basis for pressing a suit. In this case, the court had already ruled against his client on these issues. "Everyone knows, and particularly lawyers know, you can't go to court repeatedly against the same parties on the same issues after you have lost. At some point, enough is enough." The a...