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Listing objections sure to kill a real estate deal

Clever argument can lock in clients

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A potential customer calls your office and tells you she is thinking of selling her home and moving up to something bigger. You make an appointment right away to visit her home for a listing appointment and send out a nice pre-listing package to introduce your services. At the appointed time, you give a strong presentation and show her and her husband authoritative information to help them price the home competitively (just as we showed in the last few articles). There's no reason they shouldn't list with you. But they don't! They sign on with some other agent, or a for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) service. What happened? Perhaps you lost it in the objection phase. Here are five typical objections and answers to help you handle them, drawn from the responses top-performing agents use in the business. "I'd like to talk this over with a friend who is a real estate agent." Answer: "I understand your feelings about working with a friend, but consider this: You may have to reveal more to your ...