Soundproofing house walls

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Q: My bedroom and my neighbor's living room share a common wall with no insulation. I can hear conversations, TV and music. For the most part, they are quiet, but they are going to sell later this summer and I fear I won't be as fortunate with my new neighbors. How can I make this wall as soundproof as possible? I am retired and I tend to go to bed early and get up late. A: The conversations, television and music you hear coming from your neighbors are really vibrations from sound waves striking your neighbor's side of the wall and reverberating through the wall to your space. Of course the sound you hear is a muffled version of the noise being created on the other side of the wall. That it's muffled provides the clue of how to solve your problem. You must isolate the vibration. Your goal should be to reduce the reverberations from the neighbor's home. There are several things you can do. Adding another layer of Sheetrock to your side of the wall will help but will not eliminat...