Safety a key concern with temporary electrical wiring

Vital information for remodel, construction jobs

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New construction and remodeling both require a safe and secure flow of electrical power for tools, lighting and other uses while the work is underway. Quite often, that power comes in the form of temporary outlets that are installed and used only during the construction phase of the project, and then removed as soon as permanent power is connected. TEMPORARY ELECTRICAL PANELS For new homes or homes that are undergoing extensive remodeling or repair, your best bet is typically to install a temporary electrical panel. You can buy or assemble your own temporary panel, and some retailers of electrical supplies have them available for rent. If you are having an electrician wire your house, he or she will typically provide all the necessary equipment for the temporary panel installation as well. Temporary electrical panels look similar to a standard residential electrical panel, except that they accommodate fewer circuits and have outlets built into them. The panel is weatherproof, and i...