Builder zeroes in on Baby Boomer home-buying

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I've known Stan Johnson for more than 25 years. He is 60, divorced and the father of two children, the younger child a girl who will graduate from high school next spring. He's had the same job since he was 21 and will retire soon on a comfortable government pension with the maximum of 40 years of benefits. He has been known to have more than one cocktail between quitting time and supper, and spouts streetwise wisdom most of the day. "Will you tell me something?" Stan asked one Saturday afternoon while tossing his post-hole digger into his pickup truck "Is everybody over 50 an active, health-freak adult? What do you call guys like me who simply want to come home, relax, pour something special in to a glass with ice, and eat popcorn on the couch?" Stan Johnson, as usual, had a point. Why are potential home buyers in this country age 50 and older typically lopped into an active-adult group even though some of them could be worlds away from being "active"? This bunch would include some ...