Can hot market lessen real estate agent’s value?

Do-it-yourself sellers learn the hard way

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The value of a real estate agent is constantly discussed – especially in select neighborhoods where prices seem to be going up every day. While consumers constantly seem to complain about commissions – even reduced – those persons attempting to sell their home by themselves overwhelming say they would seek professional help the next time. While I've not agreed with some of the practices demonstrated by real estate salespersons and even some members of the National Association of Realtors (not every salesperson is a Realtor), I believe the basic service they offer often saves, rather than costs, the average homeowner money. The big money picture is rarely viewed from the end of the transaction. Instead, the home-sale deal often begins with, "Well, I have to pay the Realtor 6 percent off the top...'' Reasons vary why 80 percent of all people who attempt to sell their home without a professional agent would never do so again. Two good examples surfaced in the past mont...