Soldering is a helpful household skill to have

Preparation, proper materials, tools are keys to job well done

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From fixing wires to installing new water lines, soldering is a handy skill to have. It's an easy process to learn, and the tools and materials you'll need are readily available and relatively inexpensive. Whether you're working with copper pipe or copper wire, buy a little extra and solder up a few practice joints before undertaking the actual project. SOLDERING PIPES Soldering copper pipes is a simple skill to learn, and can certainly come in handy for a number of remodeling and plumbing repair tasks. The keys to good soldering, as with just about every other construction project, are good preparation, proper materials, and the right tools. First of all, the pipe needs to be cut square. Copper pipe and tubing can be cut with a hacksaw, but best results are obtained with a tubing cutter specifically designed for this use. After measuring the pipe to length, slip the tubing cutter over the pipe and tighten the handle until the cutting wheel contacts the pipe. Rotate the cutter aroun...