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Empowering phrases keep the real estate sale moving

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Have you ever walked into a store, asked for an item, and heard some ineffective response like, "I can't help you with that"? Doesn't move the relationship forward, does it? You probably felt like leaving. How much better it is when the salesperson says, "We don't carry that brand, but I can show you similar models that accomplish the same thing. What are you needing the product for?" You have someone interested in your needs, and the sale is moving into gear. The type of language we use is a powerful force in the sales process. Successful agents use "empowering" phrases that keep both seller and agent from feeling like a victim. The phrase, "I can't," implies we have no control over outcomes. Try substituting the words, "I choose not to." For instance, instead of saying, "I can't get there on time," you might say, "I choose not to get to that appointment on time because I want to see my kid's school play, therefore I will reschedule the meeting." I choose not to do this, a...