Tile size poses problem for replacement

Options for dealing with discontinued sizes

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Q: I want to replace some ceramic tiles that have cracked after 20 years, but have been told they don't make 8-inch tiles anymore, only 9- and 11-inch. Is it still possible to purchase 8-inch ceramic tile? - P.T., via e-mail A: Ceramic tile is made in a huge array of sizes, including 8-inch. What you are probably being told is that the specific tile you currently have is no longer available in 8-inch. However, because of the many differences in color, glaze, thickness, etc., the chances of finding an exact match for a 20-year-old tile are almost nonexistent anyway. If the tile you want is made in a 9-inch and you feel the color is an acceptable match, you may be able to have the tiles cut down to the proper size to fit. Your other option is to select an 8-inch tile in a contrasting color or pattern, and use those to replace the cracked tiles as well as a few others in random areas so that the new tiles act as accents. Q: I installed a new three-tab roof about nine years ago, and pu...