Female factor changes face of new-home buying

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CHANTILLY, Va.--The initial view of retirement in the United States was focused on Dad and his golf clubs. What was this man who had spent years in the working world going to do with all of his spare time? Lately, however, builders and developers are finally starting to "get it." They now are well aware that women make a majority of the decisions in the home-buying process and that they no longer are merely housewives of a nuclear family. Since the 1960s, the percentage of men entering the workforce has diminished. During this same period, the percentage of working women has increased substantially. Today, women are independent, empowered, educated and employed -- and often single. A profile of home buyers and sellers from the National Association of Realtors showed nearly 30 percent of all U.S. home buyers were single. Single women accounted for the second-largest segment of home buyers, accounting for 21 percent of transactions, after married couples who bought 59 percent of home...