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New cell phone offers speedy online connection

Joins Blackberry, Treo as useful mobile technology for agents

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Though Sprint's new mobile broadband phone wasn't made specifically for real estate agents, the new tech toy's ability to access the multiple listing service, take and send photos, give directions and create documents on a keyboard lends itself nicely to their needs. "Agents can receive and respond to prospect e-mails when waiting to show a house," Sprint's Roger Gaunt said of the PPC 6700 cell phone. The device has blazing speed for a handheld device; "broadband" Internet access is synonymous with "high-speed connection." Sprint is not the only company to offer broadband on cell phones; Verizon also does so, Gaunt noted. The Sprint phone, which launched in September, also has Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word software loaded, a trinity that can be of great use to realty agents in calculating rates, making presentations and creating documents. Realtors are embracing the Internet, with more than a third of their business now being generated from the Web, according the California As...