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Perfectionism pays off in real estate

Diary of a real estate flipper

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I'm...meticulous. The quality of my work is shown in a fierce attention to detail, an ability to make sure that everything is just right and double-checked. In other words, I don't trust other people. And that's putting it mildly. Agent Mulder here is often sad that there are even other people in the world, people without the same attention to detail that makes me so meticulous. Or in the words of my husband, "crazy." (Technically, I know crazy is just one word, but he's used it several times.) As I've waded into real estate, I've seen my perfectionism pay off. I've started a direct mail campaign to get potential buyers, and the way I've found them is by going to city hall and copying out tax records, block by block. I know some of that information is in the MLS, but is it up-to-date, accurate, perfect enough? At city hall, whenever a house is sold, the owner's name is crossed out and a new one is written right next to it. Making my own list is difficult: my hip cramps as I stand ...