Kitchen remodeling requires new floor

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Q: I will be remodeling my kitchen soon and I'm having a tough time deciding whether to install a bamboo floor or a laminate floor. I've heard commendations from friends extolling the virtues of one or the other. I really like bamboo but heard that it scars easily compared to a laminate such as Pergo laminate flooring. I worry that when my new appliances are installed, the installers may make dents on the floor. Also, my kitchen traffic is fairly heavy. Should I play it safe and go with laminate flooring? A: Kitchens get more wear and tear than any other room in the house, so it makes sense to use a tried-and-true performer in selecting a floor. No matter how careful you are, count on splashing water and dropping the occasional dish or pot. Traditional materials such as a good quality vinyl or tile are better choices than wood because they are impervious to water and resist scarring. But wood is so darn pretty. We don't have any experience with bamboo, but if we had a floor project ...