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Day in the life of a buyer’s rep

Diary of a real estate flipper

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They say that time is money; I know I'm ahead of the start-up game in one respect, which is that I know that money also equals time. I have always thought of my savings as providing me with a certain number of months where I don't have to make money flipping. The miscalculations I have made are twofold. One is that I had imagined my part-time income from PR gigs would be higher; the other is I thought I significantly underestimated the cost of some repairs out at the house (for those of you who are new to the column, I have a house with tenants out in the country, and this girl's getting not a new mink but a new roof for Christmas). Anyway, at this point I had hoped to have six months of video game life left, and right now it looks more like four. That's just terrifying, the prospect of running out of money in March, so I start to develop yet another line of business: being a buyer's rep. This, to me, seems very much like my old job – I have to use my research skills to come up ...