How can I find a larger rental without paying rent twice?

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Q: We're looking for a larger place and want to avoid paying double rent. Any ideas? A: Give yourself a fair amount of lead time, ideally about 60 days to look. Keep in mind that no one likes surprises, not even landlords, so take the plunge and verbally let your current landlord you're hunting for a larger place. Telling your current landlord that you're looking may ease tension for all concerned. Perhaps the owner or manager has another property that suits your growing needs, or knows of a place that would be a good choice. It usually doesn't hurt to ask, especially since it gives the landlord some extra lead-time for preparing for a vacancy. Legally speaking, the amount of notice a tenant must give a landlord varies from state to state. Generally, the interval between rental payments applies. After checking the proper lead-time for your area, be sure the notice is in writing. To avoid misunderstandings later, be sure to keep a copy of the actual notice in your file. Some people don...