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Portable real estate technology just in time for Christmas

Great ideas that can improve next year's business

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It's the holidays, and while you're out buying gifts for others, it's a great time to consider some gifts for your business that can actually make you more money in 2006. 1. A tablet computerAre you still married to your desktop computer? Are you lugging around a laptop that weighs over seven pounds without the case and the peripherals? If so, it may be time to seriously upgrade your business with a new tablet PC. If you're working with a desktop or even a traditional laptop, you're no longer using the most up-to-date technology. A tablet PC allows you to access Multiple Listing Service (MLS) listings using your wireless connection. Walk through properties taking notes in your own handwriting and automatically convert them into a Word file. Since no keyboard is needed, tablet PCs are also the cure for "Blackberry thumb." The digital signature recognition feature allows clients to sign documents directly on your tablet. E-mail the documents to the clients and avoid the costs of having ...