Ensuring home’s proper ventilation

How to deal with house odors

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Q: I have a small apartment in my basement that I rent out. The renter cooks with high heat and a lot of oil, and now there is a strong smell coming up from the apartment, and everything is covered with grease. We are cleaning up, and now I want to install a range hood. What is the minimum CFM you would recommend for this, and will it take care of the grease problem?--Diane S. A: Opinions vary somewhat on how many cubic feet per minute (CFM) is required for spot ventilation devices such as a range hood, but 100 to 150 CFM is the airflow number most commonly used. Don't go too much larger than that, since getting a unit with an excessive amount of CFM can create drafts around windows and doors, and can cause back drafting problems from combustion appliances. Remember that the hood must be vented outside the building. A range hood will help with some of the grease problems, but will not solve all of them in the situation you describe. Due to the weight of the grease particles and their t...