How to control home’s shop dust

Wide variety of dust collection and filtration systems available

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Whether you have a dedicated shop building or a corner of the garage, whether you make ornate custom furniture or just the occasional birdhouse, there is one common thread – dust. It's a fact of life that woodworking and carpentry tools create dust, and the more you cut, drill and sand, the more dust you'll create.   In recent years, wood dust – especially fine dust created by such woodworking operations as sanding and fine cutting – has come to be recognized as more than just a nuisance. Material safety data sheets (MSDS) for different types of woods and wood byproducts often list wood dust as a potential skin, eye and respiratory irritant, and fine airborne dust in sufficient quantities can also be an explosion hazard. Recognizing this, the tool industry has responded by making a wide variety of dust collection and filtration systems available that are very affordable for the home handyperson and small woodshop owner. Whole-Shop Collection For the serious wood...