Out with the cold, in with the new windows

How to select and replace home's old windows

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If you're not relishing the thought of shivering through another winter with your chilly old aluminum windows, installing some new vinyl or upgraded aluminum windows is probably not as difficult as you might imagine, and in many cases is well within the abilities of the do-it-yourselfer. You can even tackle the project in stages, replacing one or two windows at a time as your budget and time allows. (One note about replacing your windows in stages: some window models will occasionally be discontinued and replaced with different ones, so talk with your dealer about your time frame and the availability of the windows you want before you get started). SELECTING THE REPLACEMENTS The overwhelming choice for today's homes is vinyl. Vinyl windows are attractive, affordable and very energy efficient. The vinyl frames do not conduct the cold like metal does, and the wide air spaces between the panes of glass offer very good insulating qualities. Vinyl windows are available in a number of differ...