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HotPads gives new look to rental properties

Web site offers map-based searches

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Take a deep real estate technology dive, Aug 7, 2017, a rental property Web site that launched in November, offers free property listings and free search capabilities to consumers looking for rentals. The site features a map-based search platform that allows users to specify unit types such as homes (full or divided), condos, large apartment communities and medium-sized apartment buildings. Visitors can also choose whether to search for sublets, corporate housing, rentals or all categories, and the site offers a "find a roommate" search option. Icons on the site's map distinguish between various property types. A sliding price tool instantly adjusts the selection of properties on the map. For example, moving the price tool upward will immediately wipe properties off the map that are less expensive, and users can show more properties by expanding the price range. Passing over that icon with the pointer tool displays the property address, and clicking on the property icon pulls up more details about the property. T...